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Updated: 2018/06/05
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Welcome to the Captain's Log

June 5th 2018 0218: First Entry into the Captain's Log. This is a running log of activity in both the real and virtual world.

June 5th 2018 0239: Removed all unfinished links from the main page and will be working on the release of the experimental page

June 5th 2018 0310: Updated index, Captain's Log, Experiments pages.

June 5th 2018 0323: The Raccoon that everyone tells me does not exist in Tampa is outside eating bugs. I will schedule a doctor's appointment for therapy since I must be seeing things. I wonder who around here will suddenly worry that raccoons are going to eat them?

8 June 2018

1135:Working on tide tables to make it easier to search

11 June 2018

1748 Continuing experiments with HTML Canvas.

6 June 2018

0040 Tonight the dog attacked a possum. The possum's feelings were hurt.

0044 Examining some new methods

0049 Running through PHP

0132 Internet is acting like a clown

1959 On to some Javascript

2004 Remembering D-Day

9 June 2018

2107:Finished making the tidetables searchable

2343Working on psuedo code

17 June 2018

0954 Continuing experiments with HTML Canvas.

1341 Finished Canvas Tests

7 June 2018

0134There is a Mocking Bird that is mocking me. Continuing with the JavaScript stuff.

1208Moving on to working with forms.

10 June 2018

1228 Continuing experiments